General Terms and Conditions

Article 1. General

1.These terms and conditions are applicable to every offer, quotation and agreement between The BootClub, henceforth known as „The Company“, and another party on which The Company declared these general terms applicable, for as far no written deviation from these terms is done by both parties

2. Program will refer to all products offered by The Company.

3. With Client reference is also made to ‚customer‘, ‚participant‘ or ‚candidate‘.

4. The Company is no health institution. 

5. The nature of the program is intense: long days with many activities. When in doubt, clients are advised to consult their general practitioner for advice in advance. 

6. The Company expects clients to be aware of the risk of such an intense program and that they accept these risks.v

Article 2. The Sale

1. ‚Purchase‘, ‚booking‘, ‚reservation‘ or ’sale‘, from hereon ‚purchase‘, by client is done after filling out and sending the booking form on the website.

2. Purchase is confirmed by The Company by e-mail through sending the invoice. In case of space limitation client is contacted within 24 hour after booking to discuss alternatives or cancel the purchase.

3. When the prepayment or remaining paymant is not on the bank account of The Company before expiration of the concerning invoice date,The Company has the unilateral right to cancel the purchase.

4. Purchases through telephone and e-mail are binding.

5. Purchase is strictly personal and not transmissible.

6. The Company reserves the right to ask clients at the start of the program or on the first day of Bootcamp for their identification.

7. Provided pledged discount is mentioned by client in the field ‚comments‘ of the booking form, or client enters the provided code in the digital booking form. On the invoice the agreed discount will be settled.

Article 3. Prices

1. The Company reserves the right to implement price changes when there is leading ground for it.

2. The price or purchase money considers the complete amount on the invoice, including all potential costs of a +package.

3. In the prices on the website VAT is included unless otherwise specified.

4. The prices on the website are exclusive reservation costs of €10,- p.p.

5. Discount codes at the value of €29,- are usable for all programs. Discount codes with the value of €59,- are only applicable to Bootcamps of 8 days or longer. Discount codes or actions can never be combined.

Article 4. Program

1. The program contains workshops about lifestyle change as shown in the product description and mentioned on the invoice.

2. The workshops during the Bootcamps can only take place with 4 or more participants.

3. The coach consultations can only take place with 2 or more participants.

4. The duration of the stay is like presented on the productpage.

5. Group sizes of the Bootcamps vary between 8 and 28 participants.

6. Participants for more than one week Bootcamp take part in the general Bootcamp groups, but stay longer.

7. Participants under the age of 18 need permission from parents/care givers. Written confirmation of this can be asked.

8. The Company ensures that there is at least 1 instructor per group. With large groups more instructors will be present.

9. It is the responsibility of the cliënt to follow the instructions sent by e-mail.

10. Activities undertaken in leisure time are at own risk.

11. The program starts at the first day of the Bootcamp, also with a package entry.

12. The Company aims to implement the program like presented on the website but The Company reserves the right to alter parts of the program.

13. Pictures and images on the website serve for illustration and are no guarantee that the program exactly takes place as shown. The Company reserves the right to change the location after entry to a similar location in The Netherlands.

14. Clients with a body weight >125kg may be obliged to book a 2-persons bedroom because of the available beds.

15. Upgrades to a 2-persons- or 1-persoonsroom consider the number of people, not the type of bed. A 1- or 2- persons room may be a room with bunk beds.

Article 5. Personal Coaching (+package)

1. A client that chooses a +package receives personal coaching by a coach that matches well to the client. Some coaches at The Company are hired on a freelance basis. Liability of their coaching is entirely with the hired freelancer.

2. Coaching sessions can be cancelled maximally 24 hours before the start. When cancellation is done later 100% of the coaching price will be charged.

Article 6. Damage

1. A client that causes damage at The Company or third parties will be held responsible and is liable.

2. When the client is under the age of 18, parents or care takers can be held responsible and liable.

3. The Company recommends clients to take a travel-, liability- and cancellation insurance in advance of entry.

Article 7. Cancellation

1. The Company makes costs due to purchases for the program.

2. The Company handles the following cancellation terms in case of cancellation: client owes apart from the reservation costs the following cancellation costs:

– with cancellation until the 42th day (exclusive) before the first day of Bootcamp: 50% of the invoice;

– with cancellation from the 42th day (inclusive) until the 35th day (exclusive) before the first day of Bootcamp: 60% of the invoice;

– with cancellation from the 35th day (inclusive) until the departure day: 90% of the invoice;

– with cancellation from the first day of Bootcamp or later: the entire invoice.

3. Cancellation has to be confirmed in a written letter or by e-mail at the mail address or e-mail address of The Company.

4. The Company has organized her operations for flexibility. There is the need to recruit a minimum number of clients per program. In case of an unlikely event that insufficient participants register, The Company reserves the right for cancellation. Client recieves maximally seven days in advance of the first day of the Bootcamp notice. With cancellation the program will be offered at a different time.

Article 8. Interest and collection costs

1. The client who does not pay the financial obligation to The Company, has to pay legal interest over the owed amount.

2. Furthermore, the client is obliged to pay reasonable extrajudicial costs made by The Company.

Article 9. Acceptation of authority

1. The Company aims all time to achieve a win/win result in case of any issues and will have a explicit consultation with the client.

2. Client accepts authority of the employees of The Company.

3. In case the client shows inappropriate behavior, no respect towards others clients or brings harm to The Company or third parties, The Company reserves the right to remove the client from the program.

4. When the health or safety of the client is at risk, The Company can decide to withold the client from further participation.

Article 10. Personal health

1. Clien declares to be in good physical and mental health and is not aware of any reason that would give rise to the supposition that the program can not be gone through.

Article 11. Liability

1. The Company is not liable for any harm or accident or lost objects of any kind or any cause, barring in case of deliberately or recklessness on the side of The Company or her executives.

2. Every participant is responsible him- or herself for personal accidents and personal possesions. It is advised to the client to insure for this. Neither The Company, nor its employees can be held responsible for the loss, damage or theft of goods.

Article12. Privacy

1. The Company processes personal data of the client within the borders of the applicable laws and regulations on the protection of privacy („de bescherming van de persoonlijke levenssfeer“), in particular the law for the protection of personal information („Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens“).

2. Data obtained can be used in anonymised form for improvement of the services or for the benefit of obtaining (scientific) insight in the effectiveness of our program’s or products. Client approves the receival of questionnaires with this aim.

3. Every question, entry or contact can lead to subscribtion for the news letter. Client can always unsubscribe.

4. Client approves the use of (video) imagery made during the Bootcamp for commercial goals (website, Facebook) and transfers the image rights. (Video) imagery, also delivered by DVD remains property of The BootClub at all times.

Article 13. Final provisions

1. The Dutch law applies to all closed sales made by The Company.

2. Agreements between client and The Company can only be made by telephone, written, e-mail or online and can only be altered written.

3. When one of the provisions above is invalid or illegal, the other provisions remain valid.